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Green Hong Kong

​Hong Kong, as an extraordinary modern metropolitan, inevitably, generates massive electronic products, batteries and other kind of electronic wastes. Vannex, as a leading local recycling company, with more than 10 years recycling experiences is dedicated to improve the environment of HK. Aiming to 100% recycle all kind of electronic wastes

Electronic Wastes contains harmful elements to human being and the environment. Thus, in order to reduce electronic wastes, we shall not buy new computer frequently. Furthermore, all electronic products shall be reused or recycled under proper procedures. Computer & Communication Products Recycling Programme is introduced by CHKCI, promoted and recommended by HK EPD. Vannex is the appointed operator, will by all means cooperate with HK EPD and CHKCI to accomplish the recycyling programme.

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Our daily powers of electronic products are normally supplied by various batteries. Rechargeable battery can be reused, friendly to our environment. However, wasted batteries damage the environment if they are not properly disposed. The rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme is sponsored and introduced by relevant industrial, promoted by HK EPD and relevant entities. Vannex is the contracting recycler, with all kind of battery dispoal licenses, will be able to perform this assignment.

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