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Confidential Data Shredding Service

1.​Service Scope

This service aims to protect confidential material or intellectual property from leakage or misue. We may deal with electronic products which contain data, dressing, toys, jewlleary, CDs.

2.​Service Procedure

1. Mail Designed Bag and Seal to Customer's address, with RFID Chip

2. Customer put documents or material into the Bag and seal up.

3. Notice Vannex

4. Vannex arranges collection

On Site RFID Procedure: 

1. Counting Bags

2. Checking integrity of the seal

3. Use code scanner to scan the RFID Chip.

4. Uploading transportation and GPS  data to Vannex's system

5. Open Bags under CCTV

6. Disposal, and issue certificate

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