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recycling service


Battery Recycling Service

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Confidential Document Shredding Service


Plastic Recycling Services


Paper Recovery and Recycling


Computer and Communication Product recycling service

Plastic Recycling and Recycling

We can recycle waste plastics generated in electronic products and industrial supplies and regenerate them into plastic raw materials

  • ABS

  • PS, HIPS

  • PC

  • PP

  • HDPE

​Computer & Communication Products Recycling Program

Computer products contain substances that can be harmful to humans and the environment. Therefore, we should not replace computers randomly to help reduce computer waste. If there is a real need for replacement, try to recycle and recycle your old computer as much as possible. The parts and materials contained in computers, such as metals and plastics, can actually be recycled and reused. They can be refurbished into second-hand devices for reuse.

The CCRP is implemented under the guidelines of the Chamber of HK Computer Industry. Environmental Protection Department acts as a consultant for the program and assists in publicity and promotion. We will do its best to cooperate with EPD and CHKCI for best effort.


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Our Service

​ we can provide

  • Plastic recycling service

  • Computer & communication product recycling service

  • Battery recycling service

  • Retired EV batteries recycling service

  • ​Confidential waste destruction service

  • ​Paper products recycling and pulping

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Service

"3C products" we use in our daily lives commonly rely on rechargeable batteries for power. Although rechargeable batteries can be reused and are more environmentally friendly than disposable batteries, if they are not properly disposed of after use, they can still have negative impacts on the environment.

This program is sponsored and organized by the industry, and is promoted to the public by EPD and organizations. As the designated recycling firm who owns relevant licenses, we will spare no effort to work with the Environmental Protection Department and relevant organizations.


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Green Hong Kong

As a modern city, large amount of waste electronic products, batteries, and other items are Hong Kong.

Vannex, a local recycling firm, provide a whole range of collection, recycling & waste management solution in waste electronic and electric equipment, batteries, plastics and waste paper to promote resource circulation and sustainable development.

Industry Accreditations

We secure and maintain the following licenses, permits and accreditations:

  • ​​Waste Producer Registration

  • Waste Disposal License

  • Waste Export Permit

  • ​Chemical waste collection and transportation license

  • ISO certifications

  • Retired EV batteries repurposing and second-life application

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