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Battery recycling service

1. Recycling range

With different categories and hazard characteristics, batteries are needed to handle with care. Vannex owns all necessary licenses from collect to handle and export the following types of batteries:

  • Disposable batteries, e.g. buttons and alkaline batteries.

  • Nickel batteries, such as power tool batteries.

  • Lithium-ion batteries, such as mobile phone and laptop batteries.

  • EV/HV traction batteries, e.g. battery electric vehicles; full /mild /plug-in hybrid vehicles.

  • Lead-acid battery, e.g. automotive lead-acid batteries, UPS.


2. Recycling process

​​guest notice

​ provide pictures and other required information

​ Determine the collection time and place

​ came to collect

​Classification/arrangement of processing

​ transported to Vannex


​ registration barcode

​disposable battery

​​ nickel battery

lithium-ion battery

​lead-acid battery

EV/HV traction battery


second life



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