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WEEE Recycling Services

1. Recycling scope

Full range of 3C products including desktop, laptop, servers, display equipment (e.g. LED and LCD), printers, scanners, mobile phones, network equipments; and computer peripherals e.g. keyboards, external storage, mice, earphones, audio equipment.

2. Recycling process


Tailor-made solutions for different customer, based on the different needs.

We will keep record of the overall recycling process and provide a formal certificate of destruction as per request.

3. Hard disk processing flow

We have different methods available for data destruction as below:

  • Erasure (Data Wiping)

High-level security erasure for mechanical (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). Erasure will be performed according to modern data sanitization standard, e.g. US DoD, NIST 800-88. Successfully wiped drives can be reused or donated.​

  • Degaussing

Exposed any magnetic data media to a powerful magnetic field can destruct the data for good. It is an important physical method for any defective disks that cannot be sanitizated by erasure software.

  • Physical Destruction (Drilling, Sheering, Shredding)

For some highly sensitive data containing media, you may also choose to destroy them by means of crushing, cutting or drilling the media.


HDD/Media Erasure 


HDD/Media Drilling 


HDD/Media Fragmentation 

hard disk銷毀

HDD/Media cut-off 

hard disk清洗
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