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CRT Monitor Recycling Service

1. Recycling range

With the advancement of technology, CRT monitors are gradually replaced by LED/LCD products. However some homes/institutions/businesses will still have CRT monitors to deal with. Although the quantity is very small, because CRT monitors contain heavy metals lead and mercury, they are extremely harmful. Adhering to social responsibilities, Keyu has become the only company that insists on operating its CRT display processing equipment.

​2. Recovery process

After collecting the CRT monitors, Keyu will disassemble them and classify the dismantled products after the dismantling. The materials after dismantling include: hardware, plastic, circuit board and CRT display tube. After sorting and recycling other materials, the CRT display tube will be put into the equipment independently developed by Keyu for harmless treatment and cleaning, and the cleaned glass will be shipped overseas for reuse. ​

CRT display dismantling display

CRT glass cleaning display

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